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Tuesday, November 18, 2008
Following the success and the ever popular i-Blue 737 bluetooth GPS and i-Blue 747 bluetooth data logger, TSI has released 2 new GPS models appropriately named i-Blue 737A+ and i-Blue 747A+.

Equipped with a new 66-channel MTK chipset, these new units provide ultra-high sensitivity -165dBm tracking and -148dBm signal acquisition. The battery life of
i-Blue 737A+ and i-Blue 747A+ has also improved 5-7 hours from its predecessors.

AGPS (Assisted GPS) satellite data can be downloaded via the supplied AGPS software (PC application) into the
i-Blue 737A+ and the i-Blue 747A+. With the current AGPS data loaded, GPS fix time will be reduced from 35 seconds to around 15 seconds.

The i-Blue 737A+ and i-Blue 747A+ will make the perfect stocking stuffer!

Special Promotion: Enter coupon code “APlus” to receive a 10% discount.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ever made a phone call using a bluetooth rear view mirror? Didn’t think that was possible, did you? Well, Semsons’ high-quality All-In-One Bluetooth Rear View Mirror and Bluetooth Headset clips over your current mirror and allows hands-free conversation. Its features include, but are not limited to, an on-mirror caller ID display, voice dial, fingertip controls, and redial. An optional headset jack is available on the device and a wireless earpiece is included for private calls. This specially designed rear view mirror is compatible with all bluetooth phones on the market. For more specifications and pricing, please visit our product page. Let this item be a solution to avoiding a cell phone ticket!

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With the new cell phone laws in place, many cell phone users are struck with two challenging choices: bluetooth headset or
car kit? The disadvantages of a bluetooth headset is finding the right comfort and ergonomic of the device at an affordable price. Unless you buy a high-end unit, starting cost $60 and up, you’ll experience frustrating lousy audio quality on both ends. These are just some of the reasons why many people give up the search for a perfect bluetooth headset and purchase a car kit instead.

One of our featured products is the Blue Voice Bluetooth Portable Hands-Free Car Kit with LCD screen. This simple box can be placed anywhere in your car for you to make calls without using your cell phone. The reversible LCD screen displays caller ID and the number of e-mails received. Also, a clip is included if you prefer to hook the unit on the car visor. Please visit the product page for more details and a compatibility list. This brilliant call box is on sale for $39.99. Hurry, quantities are limited!

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Hey Mac users! Three of Gisteq’s cool gadgets now support your operating system. The popular must-have products are:
  1. Gisteq PhotoTrackr GPS Data Logger (Item #CD-111)
  2. Gisteq PhotoTrackr Lite GPS Data Logger (Item #DPL700)
  3. Gisteq Bluetooth PhotoTrackr GPS Data Logger (Item #CD-110BT)
For description, specification, and pricing, just click the product name listed above or enter the item number in the search box on the left side of any Semsons web page. To download the free Mac driver and software, please visit Gisteq Corp. PhotoTrackr. While you’re there, check out how to upgrade your PhotoTrackr Mac to the professional version with extra and enhanced capabilities!

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Thursday, June 26, 2008
Product review by Amod:
The Amod AGL3080 photo tracker is easy to use, works with Mac and/or Windows, and has USB plug and play functionality. It can also record more than 1 million data points (RMC). The Amod AGL3080 is also a GPS-based data logger designed to provide location information for digital photos (in EXIF 2.0 or later format) from all digital cameras and camera phones. It will help make photo taking more fun! With an Amod AGL3080, you can show everyone the great pictures in addition to where it was taken. It is extremely easy to use – just turn it on and take it along on your next photo-taking trip. When uploading the pictures to your computer, the accompanying software will do the tagging and saving of GPS location information. After that, all you need to do is click at the GPS-tagged picture and it will show its location on Google Earth or other online maps.

Featured in a podcast from This Week In Photography, one of the contributor states: “…The Amod AGL3080 is especially Mac friendly and I would (and have) chosen it over the Sony GPS-CS1. The unique thing about the Amod is that it operates - interface-wise- as a simple USB Flash memory stick. This means that the logs it writes (simple text files with NMEA 0183 GPS sentences in them) are completely universal and in no way system-specific (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc., all can read it). Outside of that, the feature set is quite nice and the receiver is VERY sensitive for good reception. I’m VERY pleased with mine.”

Semsons & Co. Inc. is offering the newest updated version of the Amod AGL3080 for $64.99. And to thank our loyal blog readers, apply coupon code “Amod3080” at check out for an additional 10% off your purchase! Hurry though…because this promotion is for a limited time only!

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Friday, June 6, 2008

Mainnav MG-950D is a weatherproof, sports bluetooth GPS data logger with LCD screen that is similar to the Garmin Edge 305. However, the Mainnav MG-950D is also a bluetooth GPS receiver that can wirelessly share GPS data with other devices such as your PDA, smartphone, or laptop. Useful for hiking, biking, driving, and even running, the back-lit LCD screen displays all the important information such as altitude, current speed, maximum speed, average speed, moved distance, trip time, and total mileage (or kilometer). This Mainnav data logger uses a SiRF Star III chipset, provides up to 17.5 hours of operating time on a fully charged Li-Ion battery, and the included software can geotag photos along with the recorded tracks for display via Google Earth. The Mainnav MG-950D is convenient because it has dual bluetooth and USB interface; plus, the package includes everything from chargers to a bike mount. And if that doesn’t get you jumping for joy, Semsons & Co. Inc. is offering free US ground shipping and an additional 10% off your purchase! (Use coupon code “MG950D” at checkout.) No, we haven’t gone crazy – just hurry and place your order today because this promotion won’t last forever!

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Thursday, May 15, 2008
For those who need a case to protect their Garmin Nuvi or Mio GPS just got lucky! Semsons & Co. Inc. now carries Custom Leather Case for Garmin Nuvi 200w, 205w, 250w, 255w, 710, 750, 760, 770, 780 and Mio C320, 520, 720. So when you hide your GPS unit (let’s be frank here) from possible thieves, you needn’t worry about it being scratched up in that cramped glove compartment you call storage space (yes, I am guilty too). And if you prefer to travel on foot accompanied by your best friend Mr. GPS, without protective “clothing” the device will start to show wear and tear from the frequent adventures. But with a “leather jacket”, Mr. GPS will continue to look good as new (not to mention stylish too). Unlike the other cases in the market where the unit can easily slip out, this Custom Leather Case has a nice grip all around while providing open access to all the ports. Two SD slots are available inside the case and a belt loop on the outside to wear on the hips. Made with genuine leather, the Custom Leather Case can be purchased for $14.99. Get one for your naked Garmin Nuvi or Mio GPS today!

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