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Friday, June 6, 2008

Mainnav MG-950D is a weatherproof, sports bluetooth GPS data logger with LCD screen that is similar to the Garmin Edge 305. However, the Mainnav MG-950D is also a bluetooth GPS receiver that can wirelessly share GPS data with other devices such as your PDA, smartphone, or laptop. Useful for hiking, biking, driving, and even running, the back-lit LCD screen displays all the important information such as altitude, current speed, maximum speed, average speed, moved distance, trip time, and total mileage (or kilometer). This Mainnav data logger uses a SiRF Star III chipset, provides up to 17.5 hours of operating time on a fully charged Li-Ion battery, and the included software can geotag photos along with the recorded tracks for display via Google Earth. The Mainnav MG-950D is convenient because it has dual bluetooth and USB interface; plus, the package includes everything from chargers to a bike mount. And if that doesn’t get you jumping for joy, Semsons & Co. Inc. is offering free US ground shipping and an additional 10% off your purchase! (Use coupon code “MG950D” at checkout.) No, we haven’t gone crazy – just hurry and place your order today because this promotion won’t last forever!

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