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Tuesday, November 18, 2008
Following the success and the ever popular i-Blue 737 bluetooth GPS and i-Blue 747 bluetooth data logger, TSI has released 2 new GPS models appropriately named i-Blue 737A+ and i-Blue 747A+.

Equipped with a new 66-channel MTK chipset, these new units provide ultra-high sensitivity -165dBm tracking and -148dBm signal acquisition. The battery life of
i-Blue 737A+ and i-Blue 747A+ has also improved 5-7 hours from its predecessors.

AGPS (Assisted GPS) satellite data can be downloaded via the supplied AGPS software (PC application) into the
i-Blue 737A+ and the i-Blue 747A+. With the current AGPS data loaded, GPS fix time will be reduced from 35 seconds to around 15 seconds.

The i-Blue 737A+ and i-Blue 747A+ will make the perfect stocking stuffer!

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by: Semsons


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