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Thursday, June 26, 2008
Product review by Amod:
The Amod AGL3080 photo tracker is easy to use, works with Mac and/or Windows, and has USB plug and play functionality. It can also record more than 1 million data points (RMC). The Amod AGL3080 is also a GPS-based data logger designed to provide location information for digital photos (in EXIF 2.0 or later format) from all digital cameras and camera phones. It will help make photo taking more fun! With an Amod AGL3080, you can show everyone the great pictures in addition to where it was taken. It is extremely easy to use – just turn it on and take it along on your next photo-taking trip. When uploading the pictures to your computer, the accompanying software will do the tagging and saving of GPS location information. After that, all you need to do is click at the GPS-tagged picture and it will show its location on Google Earth or other online maps.

Featured in a podcast from This Week In Photography, one of the contributor states: “…The Amod AGL3080 is especially Mac friendly and I would (and have) chosen it over the Sony GPS-CS1. The unique thing about the Amod is that it operates - interface-wise- as a simple USB Flash memory stick. This means that the logs it writes (simple text files with NMEA 0183 GPS sentences in them) are completely universal and in no way system-specific (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc., all can read it). Outside of that, the feature set is quite nice and the receiver is VERY sensitive for good reception. I’m VERY pleased with mine.”

Semsons & Co. Inc. is offering the newest updated version of the Amod AGL3080 for $64.99. And to thank our loyal blog readers, apply coupon code “Amod3080” at check out for an additional 10% off your purchase! Hurry though…because this promotion is for a limited time only!

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