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Thursday, April 24, 2008
I knew the MacBook Air was thin and small, I mean it’s got to be called “Air” for some reason. But when Steve Jobs pulled a MacBook Air out of a manila envelope, my jaw dropped and my mind went into shock. After allowing some time to recover, I realized what better way to protect the MacBook Air than a manila sleeve case? It’s also thin which won’t compromise the anorexic quality of the notebook. With that said, enter the Air Manila Custom Fitted Padded Leather Sleeve for MacBook Air by Civilian Lab (boy that was a mouth full). This product is similar to the popular sold-out AirMail except Civilian Lab has further improved the idea.

Perfect in its design, this sleeve case uses quality, durable, and waterproof textured leather and fuzzy inside liner with ¼” foam padding for a complete overall protection. Even heat venting perforations were made to ensure zero chances of the MacBook Air from overheating (because the last thing we want is a fried notebook). Keep in mind that just like Cinderella and her glass slipper, this Air Manila Leather Sleeve only fits sizes equivalent (or less) to the MacBook Air!

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by: Semsons


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