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Tuesday, March 25, 2008
When I invested about $500 on a 16GB iPhone, I promised to protect it with my life no matter what. But as safe as I try to be, it is too hard to keep my little, yet expensive, investment out of danger. There were countless times when the small, slim, and slippery thing almost fell out of my hands. I just know that one day, it’s going to hit that cold hard (and sometimes wet) ground.

That’s when I started researching protective cases to purchase for my iPhone. I wanted something that really protects and doesn’t make my iPhone double in size. Then I came across the OtterBox 1940 defender case and couldn’t believe that a dream come true exists! It has 3 layers of protection: a hard shell on the inside, silicon skin on the outside, plus a belt clip/holster. These slim layers fully protect my iPhone from drops, bumps, dirt, and dust. Not only does the silicon skin help me hold my iPhone easier, but I can also access all the other user functions (except for the silence switch).

Did I mention that the OtterBox 1940 comes with a membrane-like material that protects the screen? At first I was unsure whether or not my iPhone screen would still be able to pick up my touch now that something was covering it, but it was just as sensitive as before! No more annoying constant wiping and cleaning my screen. Additionally, the camera lens, Apple logo, earpiece, and speakers are covered by a clear plastic shield to protect from dust and dirt. But don’t worry, the pictures come out just as clear and there is no volume loss at all when listening to music to talking on the phone.

There are 2 seals for the headphone jack and the dock connector to keep my iPhone water resistant. So it’s great for the beach, boat, or rainy trips. Unfortunately, it’s not waterproof, so don’t go diving into the ocean, drop it in a puddle of water, or take a nice long bath with your iPhone. The belt clip can rotate in a 360o circle, but with a firm click, it locks the iPhone so you don’t have to worry about it spinning like crazy on your hips.

Installation of the OtterBox 1940 is pretty easy, and it does come with an instruction booklet. Plus, you can watch a “how-to video” on installation here.

Overall, I would say that this is the best case out there and it’s definitely worth purchasing. Sure the slim design still makes my iPhone a bit fat and heavy, but when you put a case on anything, it’s going to make it bulkier. I’d rather have my iPhone a bit bigger for protection than to let it drop and break. Thank you OtterBox for making such a great product!

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