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Tuesday, March 25, 2008
If you’re searching for a solution case with on-the-go protection with style for your BlackBerry 8120/8130, look no further! This OtterBox 1936 product offers 3 layers (membrane, shell, and silicone) of protection against bumps, scratches, drops, dirt, and dust, while allowing you access to the trackball, sync/charge USB port, camera and self-portrait mirror. Even the headset, speakerphone, and microphone are protected with semi-permeable membrane vents that offer clear sound transmission. The OtterBox 1936 is water resistant, but take note that it is not waterproof. The BlackBerry 8120/8130 has a feature, which automatically shuts off the display to maximize battery life when stored in a holster or case, and this function is supported with the OtterBox 1936. For those that like to carry their BlackBerry 8120/8130 on their hip, the OtterBox 1936 does come with a holster-style swivel belt clip. Overall, whether you live a busy life on-the-go, work in an environment that makes you feel uneasy carrying a naked BlackBerry, or you just want to protect it from the everyday dangers, the OtterBox 1936 case is a must-have.

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