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Thursday, March 27, 2008
Similar to the OtterBox 1935 for BlackBerry Curve 8300, the OtterBox 1934 Defender case is made exclusively for the BlackBerry Pearl 8100. With 3 slim layers, the OtterBox 1934 100% protects the BlackBerry 8100 Pearl. Its first layer membrane prevents the screen and keyboard from scratches, dust, and dirt; the second layer shell protects against drops, and the third layer silicon provides extra grip for easy handling while acting as a bumper to absorb shocks and bumps. Amazingly, all features of the BlackBerry Pearl 8100, like the trackball, keyboard, camera, and plugs are still fully usable without any problems. Like the OtterBox 1935, the OtterBox 1934 also comes with a holster-style swivel belt clip, and two color choices of all black or yellow and black (which reminds me of Batman’s crime fighting costume). Keep in mind that the OtterBox 1934 Defender case is water resistant, but not waterproof! Whether you’re a frequent traveler, klutz, or someone who just like to accessorize your priceless investment, the OtterBox 1934 will fit perfectly with the BlackBerry 8100 Pearl and your lifestyle!

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