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Tuesday, March 25, 2008
For those that live or work in an active, rugged environment, or are just a klutz, there is no hope a solution to protect your BlackBerry 8800/8830. It’s the OtterBox 1933 and it can prevent your BlackBerry 8800/8830 from meeting the ill-fated destiny of your clumsiness or environment. The OtterBox 1933 comes with 3 layers of protection (membrane, shell, and silicone) and a removable belt clip for convenient carrying. Built to last in its strong quality, the OtterBox 1933 offers protection from bumps, drops, scratches, dirt, dust, and is water resistant. You lose absolutely no functionality, though it does take some time getting used to managing your BlackBerry 8800/8830 with the OtterBox 1933 case. Installation might drive you nuts be a bit tricky, but it’s totally worth the effort and you’ll be glad you bought the OtterBox 1933!

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