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Friday, March 14, 2008
How many portable electronics and gadgets do you carry when you travel? 3, 5, 10+? Here is my list: Cell phone, digital camera, PDA, bluetooth GPS, elctronic shaver, Nintendo DS. That also means carrying several different sets of chargers. Even though it won't replace them all, the iWap Universal Battery Charger certainly makes it easier. With this device, I can use it to charge my cell phone battery, digital camera battery, GPS battery and even rechargeable AA batteries with the included AA battery tray.

This charger is very simple to use as I simply put any 3.6V or 7.2V battery inside the middle compartment and make sure the pins touches the contact on the battery. The device will automatically detect the polarity and a yellow status light will turn on on the bottom. That means the unit is ready to charge. Plug the AC or DC charger in and you're all set. This device also has a USB out so it doubles as a power bank. You can put a battery in the middle compartment and use it to power another device via the USB port. It is a crafty little device!

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by: Semsons


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